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Established in 1986


Amy Hanssen Training Center provides professional horse boarding, training and leasing to our clients. We also have quality horses for sale.


Amy Hanssen Training Center offers a full care horse boarding facility. Our boarding program provides you and your horse daily feeding, stall cleaning and turnout. We invite boarders to take advantage of the facilities and programs that we have to offer. Our facilities are convenient for lessons, practice riding and trail riding. Boarding is available to any person owning a horse with up-to-date vaccination.


All horses will be turned out on a daily basis. We will be turning out during morning and afternoon chores. Please help us “share” the indoor arena during these times.

Barn Hours

Please be respectful with the use of lights during the winter time. Remember that the barn hours are 8 am to 8 pm. Lights are out by 8:30 pm! If you need special arrangements made to accommodate your schedule, please see Amy, Virginia or Jenna.

View of barn from parking lot
Trainers Jenna Striffler, Virginia Beaton and Amy Hanssen pose with Renee Hopfer and Hez My Valentino at the 2019 QH Congress


Amy Hanssen Training Center competes at horse shows both locally and nationally. We feel it is important to personalize our services for each horse and rider combination based on their own individual needs. We promise to commit ourselves to your satisfaction by developing the skills of both horse and rider to the best of their abilities. The results produce winning combinations both inside and outside of the show arena.

The most successful rider and horse teams benefit from the training offered by the Training Center’s renowned trainers Amy Hanssen, Virginia Beaton and Jenna Striffler. They work with owners to bring their horse to a higher level of performance with their proven techniques and experienced hands.

Some horses may need a basic tune-up before the show season while other green horses require more education to become seasoned competitors. Amy and Virginia will assess your horse’s skills, attitude and abilities and recommend a training plan to fit your showing needs and budget.


Horses owned by Amy Hanssen Training Center are available to serious students for leasing. The leasing program is designed to allow closer involvement and more “horse hours” without the responsibility or financial obligations of purchasing a horse. Leasing is only offered to Amy Hanssen Training Center lesson students riding in a minimum of one lesson per week.

Keep in Mind

Some horses can be available to be leased and shown at Quarter Horse shows. The pricing will be the same as the private lease. See Amy, Virginia or Jenna to see what horses might be available.

Maintenance of a Leased Horse

Under both leasing options regular veterinary care is paid by Amy Hanssen Training Center. Any negligent injury to the horse, however, will be the responsibility of the rider. Common sense should prevail here. Don’t assume anything and if in doubt, ask! Under a private lease shoeing is paid for by the rider leasing the horse. Under a semi-private lease shoeing is paid for by Amy Hanssen Training Center.

Maddy Keyes walks Classic Circle along the lane

Horse Leasing Options

The horse leasing program is set up with two basic options, each priced differently. However, other options are always possible.

With a private lease you are the only rider. If you choose this option, it is your responsibility to be sure the horse is turned out of its stall on a daily basis. If you are unable to be at the barn to do this, someone on the staff can exercise or turn out the horse for you. It is up to you to make these arrangements. In addition to the exercise responsibility, a private lease is more costly than a semi-private lease.

With a semi-private lease, the horse is either leased to more than one rider or used, as needed, in the lesson program. If you are the only rider, a schedule for use of the horse will be arranged which does not conflict with yours. If you are sharing a lease, you share exercise duties with the other rider and arrange a convenient schedule for use of the horse. With a semi-private lease, the barn automatically assumes the responsibility of turning the horse out of its stall on a daily basis.

Trainers Virginia Beaton and Amy Hanssen pose with Brooklynn Czelusta and Mellow Evening at 2016 AQHA Level 1 Championships East

Horses for Sale

We have horses of various levels available for sale. Quality horses suitable for beginner through advanced riders can be found here. Visit our Facebook for the latest horses for sale and call for more information.

We are Here for You

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We encourage you to contact the Amy Hanssen Training Center to discuss your needs and talk about how we might enhance your riding experience. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly!